Best Sweeper for Floor and Carpet – Reviews 2022

A dirty floor or carpet is most certainly not the look you want your room to sport. You’d rather want it to look absolutely spotless, especially right before a party. 

Getting rid of the dirt can be a difficult task in itself and a sweeper here might just be the saving grace for you. But you can’t just buy any cleaning machine from the market as some are not fully functional.

Here, we will be narrowing down the options so that you can pick the best sweeper for floor and carpet for you.

Let’s get started without any further ado.

7 Best Sweeper for Floor and Carpet

There are quite a few different types of the sweeper for specific kind of floors such as wood and vinyl. Knowing which one is best for your floor type is important for efficiency. Hence, we have covered 7 products which we think are worth your investment. 

1. Bissell Natural Sweep Carpet and Floor Sweeper

Tired of those expensive and inefficient sweepers? High chance is that this product tops your sweeper in every field. If you are still confused then keep on reading and see how it could make your life much easier.

Manufacturers have designed it in such a way that fast and efficient are its middle name. The manual one weighs only 4.2 pounds, making it very easy to maneuver. Also, a battery powered one exists which is also light, weighing only 4.7 pounds. 

Apart from being feather weighed, it is capable of working on numerous exteriors such as carpets, rugs, hard floors, marbles, etc. Twin brushes on each side of the sweeper make cleaning more easier including a cleaning width of 9.5 to 12 inches depending on the model.

These twin brushes rotate along with the sweeper's motion, picking up and dirt, crumbs, cereals, etc.

Just turn the knob on the side of each brush and let all the collected waste be dumped into the bin. No complex lock is needed to be opened nor a large force is required. The simplicity of the design just adds more to the efficiency of the product.

Speaking of the design, the sleek-looking product is environment-friendly. Each of the components was made from recycled plastic and it was made sure that no PVC is involved.

Fast, efficient, environment-friendly and cheap. Yes, you get so many advantages at a cheap price. What else can you ask for?


  • Light-weighted, easy to use and efficient

  • Has no risks and is capable to clean numerous exteriors

  • Small and simple to store

  • Twin rotating rolls to pick up most of the debris

  • No harm to the environment 


  • The brushes are not capable of picking too large wastes

  • Is made of plastic so can be broken easily        

2. Ontel Swivel Sweeper Max

If simplicity, power, and efficiency are the qualities you are looking for your sweeper, then my friend, you have reached the jackpot.

Since the design isn’t complex, the product emits efficiency for that. A sturdy main handle, a lock for extension and electricity run quadruple brushes underneath.

The robust sweeper is capable of picking up anything starting from cereals and crumbs to little pebbles. Even those tiny dust particles are not safe from it. Yet, weighing at about 2 pounds, the sweeper is very user-friendly and easy to move.

Quadruple quad-brushes on the base make sure to pick up almost any waste that is in their path. Each brush was designed to rotate on its axis and in opposite directions to each other.

Run by a double A battery which provides the required 7.2 volts, the rolls rotate at 4000 rpm or rotations per minute. Such power ensures a quick and efficient cleaning.

The brushes are not the only thing rotating. Even the main sweeper is constantly rotating at 360 degrees. This adds more efficiency to your work. On the handle, there is a mechanism that allows you to control the speed and other aspects.

Also, it comes in two very cool colors, purple and gray. The good things don’t end there. Being cordless means its movements are never hindered and a shortage of power is not an option as it can be recharged from anywhere.

The multi-surface cleaning device with so many attributes comes at a shockingly low price. So just click ‘add to cart’ option and enjoy an easy life.


  • Robust and light 

  • Made of plastic so is ecofriendly

  • Flexibility allows it to reach anywhere

  • Brushes rotate at 4000 rpm 

  • Easy to unlock the bristles and wash them


  • Made of plastic so can be broken easily 

  • The dead battery has to be disposed of which contains harmful chemicals

3. Bissell Sweeper Turbo

Looking for something compact and light yet powerful and efficient? Deemed as the best hard floor sweeper in the market, this product is surely going to change your cleaning experience.

The design goes back to almost 1876 and has become an ideal design for daily cleaning tool. Weighing only 4 pounds, the lean sweeper is easy to maneuver allowing it to reach the tight spots that normal cleaners or vacuum can't.

In addition to its accessibility and user-friendliness, the sweeper is powerful enough to pick up anything. You can surely rely on its power as it guarantees lint-free, crumb-free, and especially pet hair-free home.

The cordless and rechargeable attributes make this product a better choice than all those other bulky and ugly vacuum cleaners.

It includes rotating brushes on the front and edges that are battery-powered. Only a simple and cheap Double-A battery is required to provide the 7.2 volts. Capable of providing up to 60 minutes of nonstop cleaning, when switched on, the brushes rotate at a high speed and literally grab anything in its path.

Manufacturers have made sure to make it as efficient and as easy to use as possible. On top, a waste container is installed which is easy to take out. So, it is easy to clean as well. That’s not all, the manufacturers have also ensured that the sweeper is easy to store. Now you know why it is called the best.

Capable of cleaning multiple surfaces, the sweeper is a perfect harmony of easy functionality, power, and everything that your vacuum is not. All these can make it seem expensive but it’s best because it gives so much, yet costs so less.


  • Light and easy to use

  • Compact and powerful 

  • Cheap Double-A battery provides 7.2 volts

  • Up to 60 minutes of cleaning time

  • Can easily be setup


  • Works well only on hard floors

4. Fuller brush 17027 Electrostatic Carpet and Floor Sweeper

This product has to be one of the best floor cleaners out there and we urge you to check out its functionalities. Having many attributes, the sweeper is a must-buy for all of you who have been using those bulky and tough to move vacuum cleaners.

Providing a modern solution to your everyday cleaning problems, the simple yet elegant sweeper will enhance your cleaning experience to the next level. It is capable of sweeping up everything starting from lint, pet hair and dirt to spills and glass and everything else.

When in motion, it gives an electrostatic charge to anything nearby. Due to attraction caused by the opposite polarity between the waste and the sweeper, all the waste literally moves towards the sweeper and is scooped up. And, a small bumper stops it from causing any unwanted harm to your furniture.

Capable of cleaning multi surfaces such as indoor and outdoor carpets, walls, floors, etc., it is also versatile. And, being 3.21 pounds in weight allows it to reach tight and unreachable spots that normal sweepers and vacuums cannot reach.

Being made from metal gives it a strong, unbreakable and durable factor making it a long-lasting product. Producers have made sure to give you optimized cleaning. That means the powerful brushes are almost 100 percent efficient in gathering and collecting all the wasteful material.

Easy to unbox, the sweeper comes in 7 sleek and cool colors. Strong, durable, modern yet simple, efficient, flexible, etc. make it people's choice. It is a little expensive but all the pros overweigh that fact, after all, quality over quantity.


  • Very light and versatile

  • Being made of metal makes it strong and durable 

  • Soft bumper prevents any scratch to your furniture

  • Capable of cleaning multiple surfaces

  • Powerful brushes make sure an optimized cleaning house

  • Cordless and rechargeable 

  • Easy to store


  • Any damage to the bristles will make the product unusable

5. Fuller Brush 17042 Electrostatic Carpet and Floor Sweeper

Having backaches due to bowing and sliding your so-called best vacuum cleaner or sweeper over and over again?

Must be frustrating to not see results. We understand this and assure you that this is one of the best sweepers for laminate floors in the market. It will surely act as a magical herb to all your problems.

Simplicity is one of the best qualities of this product. The revolutionary yet simple product is made of a very light material. Hence, the featherweight like attribute of the product makes it easy to maneuver and gives it the agility to ensure a good and efficient cleaning experience.

Being made of metal makes it more durable and sturdy. So, there is a little chance that it will break or deform while being used.

Durable, reliable and efficient yet the good thing doesn't end there. The masterpiece was made with a new technology that uses a very cool concept. As the sweeper moves it charges the waste particles and, due to the opposite polarity, waste literally gathers up near the sweeper to sweep them.

Absence of any connection to a power supply makes it more user-friendly. It is also easy to clean as well and storing it is not also a very big deal due to its compact design.

Brushes on the sweeper add more to its uniqueness. It has numerous brushes which swoop up all the dirt, lint, debris, pet hair, crumbs, etc.

Yet, the price of the product is the biggest shock to most of the customers as such an amazing and handy product comes at such a cheap price. Too good to be true? Why not just buy it and see it for yourself?


  • Weighs less and agile

  • Can clean spots that normal cleaner or vacuum can’t

  • Durable and sturdy

  • Works on multiple surfaces

  • Easy to use and compact enough to store without difficulty


  • Damage to the bristles will render it useless

6. Shark Ultra-Light Cordless 13-Inch Rechargeable Sweeper

The name of the product must be giving you a hint of how viciously and instantly it will get rid of the lint, dirt, crumbs, etc. Let us tell you more about the item that is deemed as one of the best sweepers for tile floors available in the stores. 

Extremely light in weight, its 13-inch brush rolls literally swallow anything lying on your floor. If you have a toddler, then you must know how risky it is to have these things lying on your floors, carpets, etc. The airy product including its big cleaning path makes sure that no such event occurs when it's used.

The 13-inch brush is run by a robust motor. 18 volts is required to run the motor which is provided by a Ni-MH battery, hence, must be giving you a pretty good idea on how powerful the motor is. Needless to say, the sweeper is capable of sweeping anything off your floor.

Floors are not its only target. Those stubborn edges are also not safe from it. 

Not only does it have a powerful motor but is also capable of functioning for almost 55 minutes without recharging. After a proper charge, you won't have to worry about charging it again for some time.

Also, it has something that works like a magical wand. When the Backsaver wand is unlocked, it causes the length of the sweeper to extend. Now, those tight spots like underneath or behind your bed are easily accessible.

And the best part is its price. It’s cheap, durable, fast, and efficient; what more can you want?


  • Extremely light and durable

  • Powerful brushes make sure that no waste is left

  • Agile and capable of reaching tight spots

  • An extra handle on the back


  • A dead battery is hard to dispose of as may cause harm to the environment

7. Shark Cordless Rechargeable Floor & Carpet Sweeper

This masterpiece was made for all those who prefer quick and organized cleaning. If you are one of them, this will become your favorite in a blink of an eye. 

You can say bye-bye to that stubborn debris if you have this device. Being wireless and light allows you to maneuver the product easily and allows you to get to those tough areas that no normal vacuum cleaner or sweeper can reach.

It has a 10-inch wide brush ensuring a big cleaning path swallowing everything that comes in its cleaning path and ensuring a clean floor. Powerful brushes operated by battery, installed in the mainboard, sweeps up everything that gets near it.

All the debris that the product sweeps up is stored in a container unit situated on the bottom of it. A simple push on its lock opens the container and all the debris can be dumped away into the dumpster.

This one is also considered as one of the best sweepers for tile floors as it is capable of cleaning multiple other surfaces such as carpets and hardwood floors. And, thanks to being soundproof when switched on, lets your loved ones sleep undisturbed.

Storing is not a problem due to its compact and sleek design. During production, the manufacturers added a looped handle for better grip which aids you in maneuvering it. This shows that the slightest details were taken into consideration to optimize your cleaning experience.

Amazingly, all of these great attributes are available at such a cheap price. So, buy it and see how your cleaning experience changes.


  • Light and sturdy 

  • Powerful and works on most surfaces

  • Very wide cleaning path

  • Wireless 

  • Fast and efficient


  • If bristles get damaged, they become useless

Things to Consider While Buying a Sweeper

Do not ever purchase anything without having the need for it. This will only be a waste of your money. In this case, you have to keep in mind certain factors before you go and buy a sweeper for yourself. Let’s get started.

Types of Sweeper

In order to find your perfect pick, you gotta know about the different types of sweepers. Let’s get to know them.

  • Mechanical Sweeper

When you just want to clean the dirt remains from your carpet or floor at your home or office, a mechanical sweeper would be the way to go. You simply have to give it a push to power them up. The blades of the sweeper are in constant motion due to the force applied by the product’s gears as it is wheeled around.

You would want to maintain the peace and quietness at your sanctuary known as your house and, of course, your office. No sound comes out when this type of item is being used. These also come without cords so it's much easier to move around with it and not disturb anyone around.

  • Electric Sweeper

If you want a powerful sweeper that can clean your floors and carpets squeaky clean then you should opt for an electric one. The downside of this kind of product is that when this is being used, it produces a lot of sounds which would irritate people.

Use electric sweepers in a setting where people aren’t around. These sweepers are corded so make sure you have a power outlet near the area you want to clean.


You could either go for an electrical or mechanical sweeper in the case you want to use it indoors. A lot of power is not required as you just need to remove tiny pieces of wastes, dust particles, and dirt. Be sure to get something which is lightweight and can be easily worked around furniture and people.

Purchase a sweeper that has a low profile and would come in handy for clearing up messes of small quantity without grabbing much attention from the guests. These low powered sweepers are perfect for cleaning floors made up of wood, vinyl, tiles, etc.

A robust and powerful sweeper is required to meet with the challenges of outdoor settings. These parts usually have floors made up of bricks, concrete, asphalt and are quite rough surfaces. For that, you have to use large bristles to wipe away dirt particles from huge areas effortlessly.

You can use both electrical or mechanical sweeper, but the former is more appreciated because of the power it can provide.

Types of Blades 

Two types of blades can be found in the market; one which has a brush, and the other one which doesn’t and is rather made with rubber.

The brushless one can gather up really small dust particles while the one with the brush can remove a huge pile of dirt in just one go.

How to Use a Floor Sweeper?

We have talked in detail about the products, what to look before buying them, and now all is what left is how to actually use it. You should always keep your floors and carpets clean as a dirty place is neither hygienic nor does it look good.

Step 1: Necessary Precautions 

First, what you need to do is to clear up the space you want to clean. You could do it without moving the objects, but this would only increase the chances of place not getting properly cleaned. 

Not only that, but you would see a rise in your work productivity and would also be able to save some time.

One more thing you need to remember before you start using a sweeper which is to avoid moisture in all cost. Do not run over your machine over anything wet.

Though it won't destroy the sweeper, it would definitely hinder with its performance. These brushes were specifically made just for dry wastes. Wet one impairs the capability of the brush being able to remove and gather dirt.

Step 2: Cleaning Process 

If you are using a wired sweeper, connect it with the power outlet closest to the area that you want to clean. Push the sweeper around first and then when you know it has been fully powered, move it in a backward and forward motion over the dirty region.

Step 3: Repeat 

Once you are satisfied with the look of the floor or the carpet, power it off. Carry out the same procedure in areas close to the surface that has just been cleaned. After being done with those regions, go back to the initial area and repeat.

The more frequently you clean the surfaces, the more the cleaner it would get with time.

If you plan on using a sweeper that has no cords, you would need nothing but manual power. The rest of the process for this is the same as for the wired one.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are the brush blades of a sweeper easier to clean than a brushless rubber one?

No, the brushless (rubber) one is much easier to clean than the ones that have brushes as it involves bristles.

2. What are the problems with electrical corded sweepers?

The main problem with this type of sweepers is that you have to carry around an extra set of batteries around with you. Since the machine uses a lot of power, batteries die down much quicker.

3. Can an extra battery be used to increase the time of use at the same time?

Yes, it is possible. However, this battery needs to be charged beforehand and bought separately.

4. Are the sweepers any good for carpets made up of fur?

Sweepers can be used to clean up carpets made up of fur without any problems. Mind you, not all are suitable to carry out this procedure.

5. Can these sweepers pick up hair from the floor or the carpet?

Sweepers face no trouble picking up hair from the floor neither the carpet. These are made to clean up the house.

Final Words 

Cleaning up can be made very easy if you use the proper tools; a sweeper is the first step towards a neat and tidy house. We presented you our recommendations and hope that they will come in handy while choosing the best sweeper for floor and carpet.

Let us know in the comment section below if you liked our recommendations. 

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