4 Best Toto Toilet For The Money: Reviews in 2022

Old toilets require high water consumption and impart an unattractive outlook which tends to break most often. But think about a new, advanced, efficient and high-performing toilet which can shatter all these drawbacks.

Studies reveal that you can reduce for about 13000-gallons water consumption each year just by changing your toilet. To get something that offers stylish design, innovative features, and higher efficiency, you need to get your hands on the Toto toilets.

Not to mention, Toto Ltd. is the leading manufacturer of quality toilets with superior plumbing innovations.

Along with dominating the flush system, sturdy vitreous china clay construction, advanced glazing keeps your toilet clean as well as hygienic all the time. Through the combination of different useful and enchanting features make these ones of the best sellers in the whole world.

To make the most of the toilet for your bathroom, you need to get the best Toto toilet from available ones. Therefore, we narrowed down the long list of Toto toilets in just 4 along with a buying guideline. Just scroll down our review and you will find the most suitable one in no time.


What is Toto Toilet and What Does It Do?

Toto toilets are from the world’s largest toilet manufacturing company named Toto Ltd. Old toilets require a high amount of water which encourages the water bill to go up. Through the Toto toilets, you can make a reduced consumption of water which ultimately allows you to save money.

The perfect functioning requires the right installation and proper functioning of the different parts. Therefore, you need to know the individual parts and their corresponding job.

To get the nest fitting for the chosen Toto toilet, it must contain a space of about 1.75 inches at least between the toilet tank front and the position of the mounted seat bolt. In case of automated control, you need to provide an electrical outlet which is grounded.

The outlet should lie within the 3 feet of the toilet for the safe as well as convenient plugin. Apart from that, there are several parts which offer different functionalities at a time. Water filter attaches on the back of the unit which allows requires water supply to the tank. Again, the drain also attaches the back which wipes out the impurities.

Speaking of the water supply, there is one supplying hose that connects the included supply port with the water line. And the jet spray wand sits in a suitable position which sprays water upon the command to wash out the wastewater and its pollutants.

In addition to these, you will get a self-cleaning nozzle which functions as a part of the included spray wand.

In fact, it passes a clean sheet of water upon extending which retracts reverse after cleaning the wand.

Top 4 Best Toto Toilets On The Market

1. TOTO CST454CEFG Drake II 2-Piece Toilet with Elongated Bowl and Sanagloss

A water saving system with highest possible flushing efficiency makes this a pretty good option for house and office. Both ADA compliance and WaterSense approval will get the utmost ease with this TOTO CST454CEFG#01 toilet.

The fitting dimensions of 17.25” width x 16.5” seat height for this toilet suits small and moderate bathrooms. This unit comes with the standardly sized construction which gives you comfort and eases all the time.

This versatile unit comes with rigid clay frame which also prevents bacterial growth. The cotton whited exterior along with the ionized chrome finishing imparts an outstanding appearance which is able to resist microbial action.

The creation of a powerful centrifugal jet action induces a faster speed and power for the flush through the smooth double cyclone flush system. All you have to do is to pressing and it will provide instantaneous quite action.

The exterior portion contains advanced Sanoglass sealing technology. Thus, it prevents the adhesion of finer particles with the ionized glazing barrier declination. Needless to say, it only needs 1.28 GPF of water consumption per flush.

Having user-friendly features and superior construction, you will receive quality assurance for this toilet. You will experience something unique and different service which will satisfy you for sure.

Highlighted Features:

  • Double Cyclone flushing requires lower consumption of water.
  • Vitreous China with chromed finishing allows greater serviceability.
  • Suitably shaped construction fits smaller and moderate bathrooms with ease.
  • High-profile tank comes with a decorative 2-piece toilet design.
  • Sanoglass containing exterior deter the adhesion of harmful particles.
  • Universal height along with elongated bowl provides comfortable seating.

2. TOTO CST744SL Drake 2-Piece Ada Toilet with Elongated Bowl

This ergonomic creation of Toto combines functionality with suitable sanitary design. Not to mention, modern technology and outstanding craftsmanship deliver a complete satisfaction for TOTO CST744SL#01 toilet.

You will experience utmost safety against bacterial growth with its sturdy construction. In addition, the cotton white exterior part having chrome finishing induces further protection to resist germs and insects.

This gravity flash toilet comes with a compatible dimension of 19.5” width x 30.5” height which is enough to suit your house or office.

Through siphon-jet technology, it delivers immediate disposal. Also, this particular technique requires low water to operate. Regarding water consumption rate, it takes only 1.6 GPF water to undergo every flush.

Unlike the conventional ones, the flushing valve system incorporates a larger sized valve of 3”. The valve requires only one simple press to start its action and again, you will face almost no noise while the jet action continues.

Suitably larger sized valve enables the system to take an immediate action. Featuring a high-performing G-max flush processing, this toilet offers almost instantaneous jet action.

You can impose a further hygienic condition to the bathroom through this stylish closed couple toilet. This one is a perfect answer to have a comfortable and hassle-free lifestyle expressing the perfect passion.

Highlighted Features:

  • Includes 2 pieces of Drake toilet having a tank and elongated bowl.
  • The WaterSense technique can save up to 20% of water consumption.
  • Effective and powerful flushing through incorporated G-Max system.
  • Perfect accommodation for bolting down lid and the insulated tank.
  • Offers higher siphon-jet and quick flushing through 3” sized trap way.
  • Ultimate protection to deter microbial growth with vitreous clay frame.

3. TOTO Drake Elongated Bowl and Tank, Cotton White

This Toto Drake Elongated Tank comes with a high-profile contemporary designation to meet your demands. This ergonomic toilet offers you a perfect and faster flushing system.

Having a dimension of 20.5” width x 29.5” total height, this toilet suits almost any house or office. It requires 1.6 GPF water per flush as per the law for new toilets which is quite low than traditional ones.

Along with vitreous china clay construction, you will experience supreme tolerance against microbial attacks. The cotton whited exterior with chrome finishing imparts a superb appearance as well.

Through incredible siphon-jet technology, it delivers immediate removal of the waste. In fact, this particular technique requires low water to operate.

With a high-performing G-max flush processing, this toilet induces maximized speed and power for the flush. And the most comfortable part is its quiet operation without any second press on the flushing valve.

Speaking of the valve, the system incorporates one 3” valve which is quite larger in size than conventional ones. Not to mention, the entire system offers comfortable gripping and also, enables you to take immediate action.

The installation of this versatile toilet requires much less effort which allows peace of mind without delay. Therefore, you will get a renewed place for a quick and comfortable release for sure.

Highlighted Features:

  • Suitable size and elongated shape provide comfortable seating.
  • Computer design induces a high-profile contemporary flushing system.
  • G-max flushing along with siphon-jet delivers quick disposal of waste.
  • Completely glazed trap way of 2-1/8” induces sufficient water reflux.
  • Chromed trip level reduces the possibility of bacterial growth.
  • 125% larger flushing valve provides superior accessibility and pressing.
  • Reasonable weight and shape allow easy installation without much effort.

4. TOTO MS604114CEFG Ultramax II Het Double Cyclone Elongated Toilet

You can have a sleek as well as high-performing flush along with this one-piece set. Needless to say, this TOTO MS604114CEFG#01 Ultramax II offers incredible serviceability to serve and fit all your requirements.

Through the vitreous clay frame, it gives you ultimate protection against germs and bacteria. With the cotton whited exterior having an ionized chrome, finishing provides supreme resistance to microbial growth and an outstanding appearance.

Along with a perfect dimension 19-9/16” width x 17.25” seat height, this unit comes with universally standardized construction. Apart from that, only 1.28 GPF of water consumption is required per flush.

The Sanoglass sealing, the exterior portion deters the adhesion of finer particles while the ionized glazing barrier repels the growth of bacteria. Thus, you won’t have to deal with harmful germs or fungi.

Having a smooth double cyclone flush system, it creates a powerful centrifugal jet action for a faster speed and power for the flush. In addition, you will face feeling almost no noisy operation with the instant of the flush pressing.

Both comfortable use and thorough flushing process allow you to feel the utmost ease with this unit. Moreover, you will receive a reliable and unique foundation with faster action rather than the traditional toilets.

Highlighted Features:

  • Universal height and approved dimension induce maximum comfort.
  • Flushing technology from Double Cyclone offers powerful disposal.
  • The suitable shape makes the installation and maintenance easy.
  • Sturdy construction with ceramic having ionized glazing prevents adhesion.
  • The chromed lever of polypropylene with SoftClose seat provides ease of use.
  • Smooth and thorough cleaning of the interior with every single flush.
  • No holes at the rim offer aesthetics and allow quick cleaning.


Buying Guide to Choose the Best Toto Toilet

There are several Toto toilet models available in the market. Having different size, shape and superior features, those ones make a completion with one another. As you require only one, you have to make the ultimate choice among them.

But getting the perfect Toto toilet among all those models is a challenging and troublesome task. It requires lots of time and will cost you money for sure. Some particular features offer quality control and you should attend them at first.

This is why you need to know about the certain features regarding a quality toilet product. Knowing about those will help you to make the final decision with ease.

Size and Shape: Several sizes and shapes come with the design for Toto toilets. Among them, elongated, round and D-shaped ones are mostly preferred. You have to understand the available space in your bathroom.

After that, you will have to decide which will fit the bathroom and your body size. If you don’t have much width, then you may think of getting an elongated one. Apart from that, this best Toto toilet for small bathroom allows further comfort and ease. Being thinner than D-shaped or rounded ones, it is quite suitable for tight spaces.

For a wide room without any front space due to the presence of apparatus, rounded ones will fit the best. A D-shaped one combines the both having a compact design. You can choose to have them for decorative purposes as well.

Configuration and Type: All the Toto toilets offer 2 different configurations. Depending on your requirement and necessity, you can either choose a one-piece or two-piece toilet. If you want something with sleek and aesthetical appearance, then one-piece would be a great choice.

They are quite shorter and more expensive than the two-piece design, yet they are able to provide excellent ease of maintenance. But if you want to save some money, then you may look into the two-piece design. Although it is not as sleek as the one-piece included tank induces greater flushing power.

Water Consumption & Flush: There are 4 different types of flushing system you will find with Toto toilets. Each of the systems requires a different amount of water to deliver a flush. You need to choose something elegant that will meet your requirements and matches the local water pressure.

Among the 4, the dual max is the most popular thanks to its single press flushing. It requires 1.6 GPF or 0.9 GPF of water consumption for each flush. Apart from that, E-max is also widely preferred. Needless to say, it provides a 1.28 GPF water consumption rate. Along with the Double Cyclone flushing, you will experience a rather powerful flush.

It also requires 1.28 GPF water to operate. The last one implies Tornado Flush which produces a more powerful centrifugal action than the Cyclone one with 1.28 GPF water consumption.

Design & Installation: you will get to see different toilets having different styles to match your bathroom. Through a classic toilet, you can recapture an old design with ease.

Again, there are modern toilets to fit with modern house and offices. Apart from these 2, you can have a combination of classic and modern design with transitional ones to fit any type of house. To match up with your house, you need to take into account the age of the building.

The older structure has an older plumbing system and you need to install the toilet in one manner. Again, there are new structures having a modern plumbing system. Ensure the installation method is applicable for your desired home.

Additional Innovations: Along with some innovative and outstanding additional features, Toto toilets provide superior serviceability to the customers. There are some features you may want to check out for further ease and comfort.

The glazing over the ceramic surface keeps the exterior free from mold growth and other debris. Therefore, it becomes easy to clean the toilet. Through the heated seat, you can have a more pleasing time in winter with its use for sure.

The versatile lid automatically closes and opens which ensures better performance. Along with all these. There are odor eliminators which is an ideal feature to keep your bathroom fresh. Not to mention, it removers the disgusting smell associated with the bathroom usage.

How to Install a Toto Toilet?

Whether you are replacing a toilet with an older one or installing one for the very first time, you have to that the toilet will fit in the space you provided. Therefore, the installation is quite important to have the best quality along with speedy flushing. Here we provided a full guideline through which you can easily install the Toto toilet.

Step 1: Clearing the Closet Flange

Start your installation by cleaning up the ground. You need to take care of the metal or plastic ring surrounding the ground sewerage connection. You need to wipe out everything including debris and other things from the closet flange. After clearing out, put the mounting bolts to hold the toilet in the desired place. You should put the bolt head inside the flange resulting in the upright thread.

Step 2: Turning the Toilet Bowl

It is a good thinking to place some fabric or worn-out carpet under the base to avoid damage to the floor. You need to install the included wax ring at the bowl bottom. Then you need to turn the right side up. Then line up all the holes at the bowl bottom with the cleaned out mounting bolts lying on the ground.

When the toilet occupies the desired position after lining up, press the bowl down to produce a sealing between the wax ring and grounded flange. Then you have to install the required nuts on the bolt threads. You must ensure a tightened nut connection. A loose connection will result in a disastrous situation. But you don’t have to provide an overtightened connection as cracks may develop over excessive stress.

Step 3: Placing the Tank & Bowl Gasket

At this step, you need to install the tank by connecting it with the upper bowl bolts and nuts. You must ensure the placement of the rubber washer between the bolt head and tank interior. When both the bolts for the tank are installed, connect them with the bowl. Then you need to line the bolts with the bowl holes. Like the previous joints, you need to provide a tightened connection. You can use a wrench to deliver sufficient tightening.

Step 4: Hooking up the Water Supply

The nut threading the tank bottom where the ballcock lies. It is better to hand-tighten the connection. Using a wrench may end up is breaking the sensitive thread of the ballcock. Open the water supply valve fro the ground or wall connection to fill up the tank.

Step 5: Leakage Detection with Tank Lid Placing

After the completion of these steps, you need to check out for leakages and damages. If no leakage is found, you may place the tank lid on the head of the tank. It induces the protection of the interior and also, the water quality. but check out the size of the lid to make a perfect fitting. Hand-tighten the bolts on the tank top to attach the lid with the mainframe.

Here is the following photo that introduce a Toto Toilet:


Frequently Asked Questions: Toto Toilet FAQs

Question 1: What types of toilets are available?

Answer: There are different types of toilets available in the market depending on construction, size, shape, and parts. The most popular ones are composting toilets, ceramic toilets, flushing toilets, portable toilets, round-bowled toilets, elongated toilets, one-piece toilets and two-piece toilets.

Question 2: How many models and colors it has?

Answer: There are too many models of toilets you have on the market to choose from. Strictly speaking, Toto, American Standard, Eago, Kohler, Duravit, Sterling, Niagara are the most renowned ones. Speaking of the appearance, there are 5 distinct colors for the toilets. You can choose Sedona beige, cotton white, colonial white, bone and ebony as per your necessity.

Question 3: How does the dryer work?

Answer: Using a hot-air dryer can reduce the chances for the germs from getting spread throughout the bathroom space. They suck the bacteria and hardy bacterial spores and offer direct firing for those objects.

Question 4: How much difficult it is to install?

Answer: The installation is not difficult at all. If you follow the certain guidelines and you have experienced, then you will face almost no difficulty with the installation.

Question 5: Can I get burned by the dryer or heated seat?

Answer: There is no chance to get burned at all unless the temperature exceeds a certain limit. But a little child or old ones, it is better to avoid higher temperature.

Question 6: How to adjust Toto toilet water level?

Answer: You need to shut off the water supply and flush to drain the stored water. Locate the flush valve and turn the top valve portion for about ½ turn in a counterclockwise direction. Then adjust the valve tube by lifting the watermark upward at the outer surface. After adjusting, you may refill the tank with water at the desired level.

Question 7: Where to buy a Toto toilet?

Answer: You can approach nearby sanitary shops to attain a Toto toilet. But you can show up at the online shopping sites as well. Amazon.com holds a pretty good option to get the best ones. Apart from that, online stores provide a larger collection and enable you to make the comparison as well.

Wrapping Up!

You will find the Toto toilet price ranging from medium to a higher value than their corresponding competitors. Yet they are the most favorites as they offer quality rather than just hubris.

Our mission is to provide you the most preferable Toto toilet without the slightest trouble. Toto Ltd. manufactures numerous toilets which makes it difficult to start your search. Picking up the best Toto toilet thus becomes like finding the perfect oyster.

After vast analysis and research, we combined the aforementioned 4 toilets with customer fidelity. We do believe that you will get the proper toilet to meet your requirements by going through our Toto toilet reviews.

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