How To Clean A Shower Wall Panel: Detailed Guide!

Shower panels are the most effective alternative to tiles for a bathroom. They enhance the showering experience along with increasing the aesthetics to the bathrooms. The desired designs of the bathrooms can easily be acquired by using quality shower wall panels. You can hardly imagine a bathroom without a shower wall panel.

You may use a suitable shower wall panel in your bathroom. But how much are you concerned about its maintenance? It might become filthy and lose its aesthetic beauty because of the chemicals and soap you use that cause soap scum and mildew. So, the question arises how much you know about the maintenance of it.

What you need for its maintenance is to clean it regularly. There is no doubt that the shower wall panel’s cleaning process is simple and easy. If you know the process in detail, it will become easier for you.

I have tried to explain the whole process simple. Hope after going through this guideline, you will be able to clean your shower wall panel properly and enjoy great shower experiences.

Why You Should Clean Shower Wall Panels Regularly

Cleaning the shower wall panels is really important to you and your family. You will face some issues if you do not clean it regularly. These are the causes why you need to clean it regularly as well as properly.

  • To make it more hygienic: If you do not care about cleaning the shower wall panel properly, some kinds of stains, lime-scales may appear on it. These points or lines will become the residence of the bacteria and virus. So, a shower wall panel can become unhygienic if you don’t clean it regularly.To avoid this situation, you need to clean the shower wall panel properly on a regular basis.
  • To increase the functionality: The cleaning process helps the maintenance process directly. If you clean your shower wall panel regularly, you will be able to pursue the maintenance works effectively. So, this will increase the functionality of the shower panel.
  • To enjoy great shower experiences: The properly cleaned shower wall panel can provide you with a soothing and relaxing shower experience while going to take a bath in the bathroom.
  • To keep the nice and shiny look of the shower unclean shower wall panel loses its nice and shiny look gradually. To avoid this, you have to clean it in the right process. If you can do it properly, the shower wall panel will remain bright for a long time.

Cleaning Procedure


The cleaning process of a shower wall panel is not rocket science. There are some simple steps that need to be followed only. Here they are-

  1. Remove all the bathroom products from the shower space is necessary to remove the bathroom products, such as shampoos, soaps etc. from the shower space before you clean it. These products can be wasted while cleaning the shower wall panel. So, remove these kinds of stuff before start cleaning for carrying out the process properly.
  2. Select suitable cleaners and other things: Using a suitable cleaner product is key to a smooth cleaning process.. There are several options to choose from. Ammonia, vinegar, dish soap, baking soda, and liquid cleaners are some good options to clean a shower wall panel.
  3. You can also use some equipment for this process:
  • Brash
  • Cup
  • Bucket
  • Sprayer
  • A piece of soft cloth
  • Rubber gloves

4. Start rinsing the very beginning, start rinsing water in the wall. Using hot water when you are rinsing is ideal. Rinse gently until the loose dirt and grim of the wall panel is cleaned properly. Then push the dirt into the drain.

5. Remove hard water and other types of stains after finishing the primary rinsing, check where the hard water or other types of stains are left behind. You have to use more cleaning agents and keep more pressure to rinse there. You can use the mixture of hot water and white vinegar to remove those defaults. When all the spots are gone, you can stop the rinsing. After finishing rinses all the parts, take sufficient hot water to wash the whole panel.Now, use hot water to put all the dirt and cleaning agents into the drain. Rinse the shower walls with fresh water to wash away the watery or foam spot in the panel.

6. Use soft clean cloth or cotton to remove water is the finishing touch of the cleaning process. Use a soft cloth and rub gently with every part of the shower panel. Then, you can wipe the shower panel with clean towels.

Watch the following video to know shower panel lifting, mistakes you could do, and problems you would face.

This is the ideal way to clean a shower wall panel. If you follow these steps, you will get an effective result for sure.


  • Choosing ammonia can be a good decision.
  • Keep the shower wall panel ventilated. This will help the cleaning process and maintain humidity.
  • Avoid a strong cleaner product to clean the shower panel.
  • Never try to displace the parts of the panel.
  • Always wear gloves to protect your hands.

Final Words

As the shower wall panels are essential parts of our bathrooms, it is important to keep them clean to maintain the hygienic condition in the bathrooms.

You don’t need to give hard labor, spend extra money or hire an expert cleaner for this. You only have to follow some simple steps to clean your shower wall panel. So, what do you think?

Hope you have understood the whole process and will become successful to keep the shower wall panel clean properly. Happy cleaning.

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