How To Install And Use A Hand Dryer: Know Details!

Do you observe, you need to spend about $150 every year if you use paper towels in the bathroom? Where a good hand dryer needs only around $15-20 for its maintenance every year! Using a hand dryer is also the more environment-friendly way to dry your hands.

If you want to install a hand dryer in your bathroom and want to know the installation and using process in details, then you are in the right place. The installation of a hand dryer is quite simple that anyone can install it himself. The use-methods of a hand dryer are also easy to learn.

If you have some ideas about the installation and use methods of the hand dryer, check it here. It will not be a waste for you.

How Does a Hand Dryer Work?

A hand dryer is an electric machine which has a push button or sensors to start and off its functionality. There are two working methods for the hand dryers. Such as: the older evaporation method and the newer air-powered method.

In the older method of the old models, a fan blows air behind the heating equipment. The airflow flows over your hands and evaporates the water off your hands.

In the newer method of the updated models, the dryers have sensors to detect when to start and when to off. It also evaporates the hand water and sucks the air inside of it.

That’s how the hand dryers work. Watch the following video now:

Why You Need It:

You need to install and use a hand dryer for these reasons.

  • To get an easy way to dry hands in the bathroom
  • Using a hand dryer is quite easy. If you use a hand dryer in your bathroom, you will easily able to dry your hands in the quickest time.
  • For example: if you use paper towels, you will need a storing hardware, and a bucket to store the used paper towels. Isn’t the hand dryer better?
  • The hand dryers have fewer maintenance issues
  • A common hand dryer has fewer maintenance issues. So, you can enjoy the service of it and don’t need to worry about the maintenance. You just have to check the machine once or twice in a year.
  • To protect the environment
  • Paper towels are made from trees. So, if you prefer the paper towels for your bathroom, you are giving support to cut more trees. On the other hand, hand dryers are the good alternative to paper towels. So, if we will use hand dryers, the more trees don't need to cut down.
  • To save more money 
  • Regarding the costs of the paper towels, a normal hand dryer need only 10% of its costs. For this reason, the hand dryer is getting popular.

How to Install a Hand Dryer?

The hand dryers are compact devices that can be hung on the bathroom wall. The structure of a dryer is built to install friendly. If you know the details of the installation process, you will easily complete the task properly. By reading these steps, you can learn the process ins and outs.

  • Decide who will install the hand dryer
  • You can install a hand dryer by yourself or install it by hiring an expert for this kind of services.
  • If you are confident enough and want to take an experience, you can try it. Otherwise, if you hire an expert, you will have to pay for this.
  • The installation of a hand dryer is not complex. If you can learn all necessary things in details, you may don’t need to hire anyone to do this task.
  • Choose a suitable hand dryer
  • There are several types of hand dryers. Such as traditional hand dryer, high-speed hand dryer, and automatic hand dryer. These dryers have also various sizes and shapes.
  • You have to choose the best one of these types. It is up to your choice and needs.
  • Choose a suitable spot to install it
  • It is an important step for the installation. You have to choose a perfect spot to set the hand dry and use it.
  • If you fail to choose a perfect spot for this, you will face many problems to use the dryer.  
  • Unpack and read the manual carefully
  • After choosing a suitable spot to install, unpack the hand dryer and watch its outfit. Then read the user manual carefully and understand the instructions. It will help a lot with the installation process.
  • Know the right dryer height
  • When you will go to install a hand dryer, keep in mind that a dryer has to set at an ideal height. So, you need to know the right dryer height to install it.
  • Get tooled-up and hang it properly

You need these tools to install a hand dryer:

  • Electric drill machine
  • Screwdriver
  • Wire cutter
  • Wire tape

You have to drill in the wall properly and attach the dryer to the wall by using the right sized screws and bolts.

  1. Do the wiring correctly
  2. Wiring is a key thing for this process. It is a sensitive task also. So, you have to give maximum concentration to wire the dryer.
  3. It is not a complex task. You need to connect the live and neutral wires correctly. Make sure, you use a safe power supply system for the dryer.
  4. Check the dryer and finish the task
  5. After finishing all these steps, check the dryer throughout. If you find any error, solve this instantly and finish the task.

How to Use a Hand Dryer Properly?

When you have installed the hand dryer, you have to know how to use it properly. How much you know about it? You can check the right process here.

  • Make sure you wash your hands properly before using the dryer
  • You have to wash your hands using clean running water and hand-wash. Take minimum 10 seconds to wash your hands properly.
  • Shake your hands to remove excessive moisture
  • After washing your hands, shake your hand gently to remove excessive moisture into the sink. It will faster the drying process.
  • Place your hands in the right place of the dryer
  • Now, you need to place your hands in the right place of the dryer. Most of the updated hand dryers are started automatically. If you put your hands in the right position, you will get proper output from the dryer.
  • Don’t rub hands at the time of using the dryer
  • If you rub hands under the hand dryer, it will increase the bacteria spreading. So, avoid this.
  • Wait till hands are quite dry
  • As wet hands can spread germs more quickly, you have to dry your wet hands properly. So, wait till hands are quite dry.
  • Don’t touch the open part of the dryer
  • It can be dangerous if you touch the open part of the dryer. This is the place where the bacteria also harbor. So, avoid touching this part of the dryer.

Final Words

Hand dryers have become popular quickly. Because they help to save a good amount of money and these machines are environment-friendly. If you want to use a hand dryer in your bathroom, you need to install it properly.

Hope you have learned these things after reading this writing. You just have to apply these ideas practically. Hope you will able to complete the installation and use the hand dryer properly.

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