How To Make Cake Pop Coating? (Simple Steps!)

Can you imagine a single Christmas, or a birthday or a fancy wedding party without cake pops? At least any of my family member including me cannot.

That’s why in every party in my family this item is the one thing that is common. These are cute and their presence simply beautifies the decoration.

Now when the question comes how to make them, there are a few steps to follow serially. Coating with your favorite flavor is one of them.

After you have done baking, rolling, and frosting, it’s time to wear it a coating of chocolate. It needs some preparations before you finally dip the pop stick into the melted candy.

Let’s lean it step by step.

Things Needed for Coating

Apart from rolled cake pops, you’ll need-

  1. chocolate chips or candy wafer
  2. BOWL (THAT can be placed in a microwave)
  3. spoon or some other kind of stirrer
  4. lollipop stick and wrappers
  5. sprinkles (depends on your choice)
  6. Toothpicks or any other stick
  7. Stand or Styrofoam block
  8. Microwave

The entire process of Coating the cake pops can be divided into two parts.

  1. Melting the candy and
  2. Dipping the cake pops

Part 1: melting the candy or chocolate


First fill the bowl with the chocolate chips or candy melts, whichever you like. You may ask what should be the size of your bowl. Obviously, there’s no need for a huge bowl.

A bowl that has the capacity equal to one cup is enough. But it’s better to choose a deeper container.


Now place the bowl in the microwave at 50% power for one minute. Then bring out the bowl and stir around the bowl so that the candy doesn’t get scorched.

Then again put back the bowl in the microwave and cook it for another 30 minutes at 50% power. Then again stir. Continue this at 30 seconds interval until the all the candy melt completely.

You can add more wafers if you want. But just don’t forget to stir it time to time.


After all the wafers are completely melted, cool it for five minutes at room temperature. Try to bring down the temperature of the melted candy as close to room temperature as possible. The closer, the better!

The consistency is an important factor. The fluid shouldn’t be too thick or too thin. Adding the paramount crystals can give the perfect integrity of the coating.

Add a tablespoon of it. Keep stirring it until it melts completely and the consistency feels the same as to stir a paint. Then again add another tablespoon of it and repeat the same procedure.

Paramount crystals are available in different brands and colors. Different brands will give different integrates to your melted candy or chocolate. Choose whichever seems to be the best to you.

So when will you understand that your melted candy is ready for dripping action? When it flows off the spoon without crumbling, it’s ready.

Part 2: dipping the cake pops


Before you add the balls to the stick, slightly chill the rolls. It’s advisable to hill the balls in the fridge for 10 minutes.


Now you can add the balls to the stick. Dip the toothpick about 1/3 of its length in the melted candy. This candy milk will also work as a glue. It’ll keep your ball at the point instead of sliding it down later.

Now insert it into a cake pop almost halfway of the ball. If the weather is warm or if you are working in a hot kitchen, keep it in the refrigerator for two minutes. It’ll help to set the ball on the stick.


Once you stick all your cake pops, now it’s time to dip them in the fluid. Hold the other end of the stick and dunk the ball into the candy in one motion. Dip it until the entire ball has the candy cover and it touches the stick.

Now lift up the stick over the bowl and move it up and down with your arm just to drip back the excess coating. When no more excess coating is dripping off the pop, turn it upside. Hold it for a few seconds like this to allow it to dry.

Now place a finger on the surface of the pop such that your finger just touches it without exerting its weight. Now with your other hand, rotate the stick slowly in one direction. This will help the surface be smoother and even

Step 4

If you see any air bubble on the coating, puncture with a toothpick. Now drill holes in the foam holder and place the stick on the block. Similarly, drip all other stick into the melted candy and set them in the foam block. Then allow them to dry and harden in the air.

When the coating gets hard, now wrap it in lollipop bags or other wrappers. Now they are ready to be served or you can decorate them the way you want.

Final Verdict

By following the steps above you can give your cake pops a smooth coating. It’s not anything difficult. Just take care of a few things.

That you melted the candy up to the desired level of consistency without scorching. Also, the coating is even and smooth on the cake pops.

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