Hey there and welcome to yet another food blog ;-)

The recipes here are created (or sometimes curated) to take advantage of seasonal produce and explore interesting ideas, surprising ingredient combinations, or new techniques. I hope that you’ll find something new to try, a new vegetable to love, or maybe a delicious way to enjoy your 100th zucchini.

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I’m Sofia, the relentless experimenter, mess maker, and picture taker behind this blog.

I can most often be found standing on my kitchen counter (with a camera in-hand), writing software, reading cookbooks, growing vegetables, picking fruit trees, or riding my bike in search of the best ice cream.

I love connecting with readers and fellow bloggers! If you’d like to say hello, send me a note via email, Instagram or Facebook.

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I currently do recipe development, freelance food styling and photography, guest blogging, collaborations, and sponsored content. Please contact me for more info.