Serviceberry Clafoutis on BAKED

July 1, 2015 2 Comments

Serviceberry and Ricotta Clafoutis

I’m so excited to be celebrating Canada Day over on today with a Serviceberry and Ricotta Clafoutis!

BAKED is a collaboration between some of my favourite Canadian bloggers, baking and sharing their beautiful and delicious creations. I was so thrilled and flattered when Kris asked me to join their team and while I don’t do much baking here, on this blog, I’m really looking forward to challenging myself with something a little different over on BAKED. Head on over to for the recipe and Happy Canada Day, friends!!!



Serviceberry and Ricotta Clafouits

Serviceberry and Ricotta Clafoutis
Serviceberry and Ricotta Clafoutis on BAKED


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    July 2, 2015

    Cool! I love Baked…congrats on joining the team! Your clafoutis looks awesome, and I love that you used serviceberries. Their bloom is one of the things early spring bees thrive on, but I haven’t revisited the trees around here to look for fruit. I better get on that!

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      July 2, 2015

      Thanks, Brianne! I didn’t know they were an important flower for the bees, but that totally makes sense. They’re really pretty and I also keep an eye out for them when they flower to make note of the spot for a later harvest.