Paper Towels vs Hand Dryers: Which One Comes Worthy?

Almost 80% of infections have been spreading through hands. For this reason, we need to wash our hands properly after doing any heavy work and using the washroom. But only washing your hand is not enough to stop the spreading of the germs. So, you have to dry your hands after washing. You can use paper towels or a hand dryer for this.

But the question is, which product will good for you. You will find a suitable comparison between the paper towels and hand dryers in this content. So, if you want to know which one comes worthy, let’s check it carefully.

As you are using the paper towel or hand dryer in your daily life, you can become benefited by understanding this topic clearly.

Why is Drying Your Hands Important?

Wet hands can spread more than 1000 times bacteria than dry hands. Bacteria and virus feel more suitable in the damp conditions. So, you will at high risk of infecting or transmitting bacteria if you don’t dry your hands after washing. Drying your hands make your hand more hygiene.

To complete the hand washing process properly and rightly, you can follow this. After washing hands with water and soap, dry your hands properly. For these reasons, it is important to understand what type of dryer you may choose.

How the Paper Towel and the Hand Dryer Work?

Paper Towel:

  • The paper towels can commonly find in the washrooms. There are several types of paper towels can be found. The paper towels are made from some special kinds of trees.
  • To use paper towels, you have to grab a paper towel in your hands and rub your hand gently to dry. And then, store the used paper in the dustbin.

Hand Dryer:

  • Using a hand dryer is an environment-friendly way to dry your hands after washing. For this reason, it is getting popular day by day. The hand dryers are the electric machines that flow hot or cool air to dry a person's hands.
  • Using methods of a hand dryer is quite simple. If the dryer is not automated, you have to push a button to active it. The automated dryers have the sensor to detect when to start and when to stop. Now, place in hand in the right place of the hand dryer and wait till your hands are quite dry.

The Benefits of Using Paper Towels

You will get these benefits if you use paper towels.

1. More hygienic way to dry hands

Using paper towel is a classic way to dry hands. It is more hygienic than other ways. Wet hand’s bacteria are transmitted into the paper towels when rubbing. And your hands become more bacteria free.

2. Quick & easy to use

You can easily use the paper towels and don’t need to follow any instruction for it. You can also finish the process in the quickest time if you want.

3. To avoid cross-contamination

Cross-contamination happens normally in the traditional hand dryer's drying process. When you will use paper towels, this type of problem can be avoided.

4. Great user experience

You can take great personal and discreet experience when you will bring high-quality product. There are different types of towel papers to use. You can change the type of paper towels from time to time.

The Benefits of Using the Hand Dryers 

You will get these benefits if you use paper towels.

1. Practical and smart way to dry hands

You don’t need to take any stress to dry your hands. You also don’t need any extra storage or tool to store the drying elements or papers.

2. Have fewer maintenance issues

Most of the hand dryers have simple structure so that they face hardly maintenance related problems. It is a great advantage of using the hand dryer. You also don’t need to buy any material to change or fill it. 

3. Environmentally friendly

The hand dryers are more environmentally friendly than the paper towels. If people use more hand dryers, cutting of trees can be reduced.

4. New technology and trend

If you will install a hand dryer in your washroom, you can follow the modern washroom’s trend. Using an updated dryer can give you more comfort.

Cost Benefits of Paper Towels vs. Hand Dryers

Cost-benefit is the most important variables to decide which one comes more worthy between the paper towels and the hand dryers. Here you will know how much the paper towel and the hand dryer cost. The maintenance costs will be counted for this. 

How Much a Paper Towel Cost?

The initial cost of a paper towel is quite low. It needs normally 40$ to 50$ for this. For the household uses, you have to spend about 200$ every year to use the normal paper towels. For the industrial uses, the owners have to spend around 700$ to 800$ for this.

How Much a Hand Dryer Cost?

The initial cost of a hand dryer is higher than a paper towel. You have to spend about 200$ to 250$ for the installation of a traditional hand dryer. If you want to install high-quality a hand dryer, you may need about 400$ to 500$.

Hand dryers have fewer maintenance issues. You have to spend only 15$ to 20$ for maintenance of a hand dryer if there will no major problem in the machine.

So, it is clear that the hand dryers have better cost benefits than the paper towels.

Final Thoughts!

Now, it is time to decide which one comes worthy. In my opinion, hand dryer is the best option. Because it has more cost benefits and fewer maintenance issues. The hand dryers are also the environment-friendly device.

Some people may choose the paper towels as it is a good way to dry hands quickly and avoid cross-contamination. But using the paper towels is an unfriendly decision for the environment.

So, it is up to you to decide which one will worthy.

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