Shower Panel vs Shower System: What To Think About!

Taking shower is a great way of getting relaxation and refreshments. To get the shower, you can use a shower panel or a shower system in your bathroom. But do you know what will be more suitable for you? To understand what will suit you more, you have to know about these systems and their pros & cons.

The shower panels and shower systems have their own facilities and drawbacks. When you will be able to understand these, you can choose the perfect one for you. How much you know about this? If you know a little or something, check this complete comparison guideline to clear your concept. So, let’s start.

What is the Shower Panel & Shower System?

  • Shower panel
  • Using a shower panel is an easy way to set a shower in your bathroom. It has a complete shower system which consists of a showerhead, and the faucets. You can easily install or remove it at any time.
  • The shower panels are designable and can ensure some great shower experiences.
  • Shower system
  • The shower system is called a custom shower in other words. If you want to imagine it, think that there are multiple shower heads placed on the wall of the bathroom. It is a total custom-build system. That’s why it is called the custom shower.
  • The shower system’s installation process may not as simple as the shower panel. But it can provide more comfort if you will install and use it properly.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Shower Panel vs Shower System

Advantages of the shower panels:

  • Easy to install
  • The shower panels can easily be installed in the most kind of bathrooms. It needs only some nuts and bolts to work for this. So, you can install it yourself.
  • They come in many designs
  • There are several types of shower panels can be found in the market. They have various designs. You can choose a suitably designed panel for your bathroom.
  • Take a small amount of space
  • A shower panel is a compacted thing. It is constructed on a panel that holds every part of a shower system. For this reason, it takes a small amount of space to install and use.
  • Easy to remove
  • Removing a shower panel is quite easier than other systems. You can easily remove and replace it in your bathroom.

Disadvantages of the shower panels:

If you want to change the showerhead, a shower panel will not allow it. They have fixed showerheads in their designs. For this reason, you cannot increase or change the water supply to take showers.

Some types of bathrooms don’t look good with the shower panels. For these bathrooms, people cannot use the shower panels.

Let’s see how a shower panel actually works:

Advantages of the shower systems:

  • They are more flexible
  • The shower systems are more flexible with any type of bathroom. As s householder can customize it himself, most of the time they fit well.
  • You can design your own and set the parts of the shower system as you want. You don’t need to install all the parts in the same place as a shower panel.
  • They can bring a classic look
  • It will seem classic if you use a shower system in your bathroom. The shower systems are simply designed but they are gorgeous.
  • The shower systems can suitably cope with every type of bathroom.
  • Allow changing showerheads
  • The shower systems allow changing showerheads. You can change, add, or remove any of the showerheads that you want. Isn’t it great?
  • More customized features
  • The shower systems have more customized features than any other shower system. If you utilize the features, it will be a great shower system for you and your family.

Disadvantages of the shower systems:

They require a long time to install normally. You have to install a shower system part by part. This will require removing the wall covers: like the tiles and also recover the wall after the installation.

It can be hard for you to install yourself. Often people need to hire the experts to install the shower systems properly. The maintenance costs are also high than in other systems. If you make any mistake to install or maintain the system, you have to pay a lot for this.

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Final Words

So, what do you think now? It will vary from person to person surely. But if you watched the advantages and disadvantages of these systems, I think choosing a shower panel may be the better choice. I have given my opinion according to cost-efficient and self-management. You can choose a shower system if you want to bring a classy look and make your shower more enjoyable.

As these two systems are not totally error-free, choosing a system is really up to you. I have tried to figure out all the advantages and disadvantages of the shower panels and the shower systems so that you can decide what will be more suitable for you. All the best.

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